Track Premiere: HTML – “Joyce”

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Photo By: vee hertel

The New York ethereal indie rock duo known as HTML have been hard at work perfecting their debut LP Topmost Grief over the past two years, finding time on the weekends to record while they were in the throes of finishing college. This continuous work ethic that the two employed saw the record coming to fruition in multiple revisions, becoming stronger and more robust from one to the next.

The first single from Topmost Grief, “Joyce”, is a wonderful illustration of the band’s cumulative efforts. Vocalist Travis Verbil wears their heart on their sleeve with direct subject matter and a beautifully melancholic delivery similar to that of David Bazan, which pairs perfectly with the ambient guitars that accent Verbil’s delicate vocal styling throughout the track.  As the song reaches its climax, Verbil leaves the listener with a hauntingly relatable question: “Why is it so hard to love this life?”. Take a listen below:

If you enjoy “Joyce” be sure to pick up Topmost Grief when it releases on February 9th!

AJ Boundy

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