Track Premiere: Infant Island—”Content”

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In the time since Infant Island‘s last release, their 2018 self-titled album, screamo has gone through much more than just a basement renaissance. Bands like Portrayal of Guilt, awakebutstillinbed, Frail Body, and Shin Guard have become some of the buzziest up-and-comers in not just the somewhat nebulous screamo scene, but heavy music in general. Even bands like SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Wristmeetrazor, who were originally pinned to the genre’s recent upswing, have already moved beyond the idiom’s penciled borderlines and into a more straightforward metallic fare. Things are moving fast, but Infant Island’s grand return continues to justify the praise they’ve received The Washington PostStereogum, and Noisey that deemed them one of the quintessential screamo bands of this era.

Earlier this month, they dropped a beastly mini-album called Sepulcher, and on May 15 they’re putting out another full-length called Beneath via the venerable Dog Knights Productions. They’ve already shared the record’s final two tracks, “Stare Spells” and “Someplace Else”, and today we’re premiering another cut called “Content” that’s an absolute behemoth. Like many of their peers (namely Portrayal of Guilt), Infant Island are inching further into black metal territory on this song, churning out gnarly down-tuned riffs slapped with reverb that muster the scope of a violent storm enveloping a small town. The track is book-ended by misty ambient music that only heightens the drama of what happens in between; the calm before and the desolation that follows such mighty gales of post-metallic splendor.

It’s an epic fucking song and you can stream it below ahead of Beneath‘s release next month.

Beneath is out 5/15 via Dog Knights Productions.


Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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