Track Premiere: Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess – “Making Out With Strangers”

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“I AM NOT IN CONTROL ANYMORE / AND I’M SCARED I’M GONNA LOSE THIS WAR” South Carolina natives Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess are back repping their signature kitten-punk sound with their second single “Making Out With Strangers” from their upcoming album “Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?” that drops May 25th via Deep Sea Records.

A zippier partner to the lead single, “Graduation,” the new track has enough energy to rouse crowds purely with the opening “woah-oh’s”. Carried by a riff that sounds like if Animal Crossing had boss fights, Amelia Hall’s vocals immediately demand attention with an attitude that radiates a type of badass feeling of 90s Riot Grrrl grunge, but with a modern pop-grunge edge.

It’s clear from “Graduation” and “Making Out With Strangers” that Horrible Girl is driven by a special type of power that accumulates when honestly talented people are brave enough to put their hearts on their sleeves. “Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?” is full of the right kind of punk energy that makes you feel untouchable, and I’m confident in saying that your summer won’t be complete without giving it a spin. You can pre-order their album from Deep Sea Records now.

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For more upcoming show dates (mostly local to the Carolinas), check here.

And (just announced) you can catch them at Fest this year in Gainesville, FL!

Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess is:
Amelia Hall (she/her)
Shelby Switchblade (she/her)
Wayne Swayze (he/him)
Daniel Neely (he/him)
Jake Xingu (they/them)


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