Track Premiere: Hidden in Plain View – “Ragdoll”

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Many of the bands of the early 2000s made music that aged extremely poorly. Hidden in Plain View is not one of those bands. The way New Jersey band blended pop-punk, emo, and post-hardcore felt novel at the time, and it still holds up now–not to mention the way you can hear traces of their sound in (great) modern bands like Bicycle Inn or Arm’s Length. Their debut LP Life in Dreaming was a real masterclass for the times, and the music they’ve been putting out since they reformed back in 2015 feels like a perfect evolution of that sound.

Today I’m stoked to bring you the band’s very latest single, titled “Ragdoll.” It’s the third they’ve put out this year, and it’s a phenomenal showcase of where Hidden in Plain View is in 2022. Don’t just take my word for it, though–guitarist/vocalist Joe Reo agrees:

“Ragdoll” picks up where “Wildfire” and “Temper” left off. It connects the struggle with clinical and situational depression.  This song is a battle between the moments of lows when we don’t even realize we are there, and the highs, when we are still forced to handle life’s everyday crises in today’s crazy and fucked up world.  “Ragdoll”’s lyrics and style provide this Jekyll and Hyde back and forth with frantic versus, heavy breakdowns, calm steady bridges, and catchy choruses.  We recommend you play it loud and get that crap off your chest.”

Check out “Ragdoll” below before it hits streaming services tomorrow, and if you like it, feel free to pre-save it.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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