Track Premiere: Hello, I’m Sorry – “Buddy”

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“Buddy,” the newest release from Seattle-based Seth Little’s project, Hello, I’m Sorry, is a gentle rocking chair and a cup of cinnamon tea in a rainstorm. Starting from recording sketches of demos in his bedroom, the project has evolved into something much more; picking up three of his closest friends, Seth and friends have spent the last few years touring as much as possible with the aim to bring people together, reach out, love, and dance.

The title track of their upcoming LP starts on a familiar beat that feels like a tight hug with a distanced friend in oversized coats, and promises dynamism that won’t rattle the walls with overly explosive moments. The guitar leads are complex and effective, but always appear appropriately in the mix and in the structure of the song. Little’s vocals are lilting and comfortable, like we’ve been buddies forever, especially in the post-chorus of “When nobody wants you around– oh, buddy. I want you around.” 

Little says of the whole record, “Buddy is the creation born from finally sitting down to capture the kind of music we always dreamed of making. With loving empathy and hours upon hours of earnest work, Buddy is a concept record that tells the story of a split – a departure – and the change, confusion, sadness, growth, and peace that come with that.”

Listen to “Buddy” before it hits streaming platforms tomorrow, and look out for the album, Buddy, which will be released this fall via Slang Church.


Luciano Ferrara | @LucianoRFerrara

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