Track Premiere: they are gutting a body of water—”yawner”

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When he’s not writing songs for Jouska (Tiny Engines)—low-key one of the biggest-sounding bands existing between the cracks of emo, shoegaze and indie-minded post-rock—Doug Dulgarian works on what’s historically been his cryptic and spontaneous solo project, they are gutting a body of water. Although he’s alluded previously that the case-sensitive venture isn’t so much a side-quest, but an equally important arm to his artistic body of work, it’s been understandably eclipsed by Jouska’s rigorous tour schedule. Also, up until now, Dulgarian’s been disinterested in engaging in any semblance of a roll-out cycle, giving the project a purposefully elusive and flickering character. After tagbow’s July 2016 debut, he dropped its brilliant follow-up sweater curse six months later on New Year’s day, unannounced.

However, for the third tagbow record in just two years, gestures been (out 4/27 via Bee Side Cassettes), Dulgarian’s decided to boost it with premieres like this one, and for good reason. The album is not only the richest and most elaborate tagbow release to date, but a fair contender to the mighty arrangements and riptide swells of Jouska’s finest work. “yawner,” which we’re premiering below, is like a double dose of Nyquil, an overwhelming rush of dreamy fuzziness that uncontrollably throws itself back into an intense, shoegazey chug. It may put you to sleep, but it’ll needle its way into your dreams.

Stream it below:

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