Track Premiere: Golf Lexapro — ‘Craigslist’

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by Amanda Webster

New York songwriter James Rainis started releasing music as Golf Lexapro back in 2017, crafting an excellent EP full of high-spirited, idiosyncratic indie-rock that lands somewhere in the middle of Abe Vigoda and The Dismemberment Plan. Now a four-piece, the band is getting ready to release their sophomore EP Washed, a hodgepodge collection of indie-pop that examines the different ways in which corporate entities try to control our lives and strip us away of our individualities.

Today we’re premiering “Craigslist,” the fidgety and bubbling lead single from Washed. Beginning with a plucky bassline, the track slowly blossoms into something more cathartic as swirling synths and tireless guitar lines weave in and out of one another in tandem, while Rainis laments about the difficulties of a long-term relationship and the strange things we do to find solace, singing “I’m kind of over being brave / Browsing Craigslist ads because I miss your face.” Be on the lookout for more music from Golf Lexapro and check out Washed in its entirety when it drops this Friday.

Stream it below:


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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