Track Premiere: Fuzzrod — “Fuck Work”

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Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at the incomparable catharsis of a great punk song. Although the idiom doesn’t hold the cultural spotlight anymore, or exercise political subversion to the scale that it once did, there are some sentiments that simply cannot be done justice outside of its raging confines. “Fuck work, just gimme the money” is one of them.  One could argue that contemporary trap comes close, with its anarchic hedonism and kill-your-idols-and-then-rob-their-graves attitude toward traditionalism. But in that moment when your seething bitterness for your shitty day job boils over into a desk-flipping storm of “fuck this,” there’s no better medium for conveying that fury than pounding guitars and fists-up chanting.

The Rochester, NY quartet Fuzzrod do just that on “Fuck Work,” the first single from their new full-length out later this month on Western, NY powerhouse Dadstache Records. With a sound that falls somewhere between Screaming Females and Perfect Pussy, and with a healthy dose of ’70s proto-metal, the anthemic standout is an instant hit designed for spilling beer and careening down the highway to. “Fuck work, just gimme the money / I’ve got stuff to buy,” is the hook, and nothing more needs to be said.

“Anyone can relate to it, I’m sure,” says guitarist/vocalist Karrah Teague. “Everyone hates their job at least most of the time. We have a clean version that goes ‘Homework? Just give me the bunny!’ so we believe we have a bright future in the kid’s music market.”

Stream it below. And if you’re at your desk, do it justice and play it loud when your boss walks in:

Fuzzrod is out 2/22 via Dadstache Records and Records of Choice.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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