Track Premiere: Forevers—’Mattress’

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by: Jane Bryant 

Although Forevers‘ crisp and punchy style of Replacements-indebted indie rock sounds timeless in the way their moniker alludes, their new single “Mattress” accepts that permanence is ultimately impossible. “We’ve all done the re-write / of evenings, and years, and days, and mornings / that didn’t turn out right,” frontman Dave Baumgartner pointedly sings amidst clangy guitar chords that battle for control against a taut bassline. The six-string temporarily concedes during the sparse yet haunting hook, the bass demanding all eyes before gently shifting the focus over to Baumgartner. “I fucked up the address / we used to share that mattress,” he belts in an anthemic, Menzingers-y fashion.

It’s a line that presumably refers to a former living quarters of his, a place he both remembers like its yesterday but also, frustratingly, fudges the address of; a sobering reminder of how long its been. Perhaps that interpretation is completely off, but the fact that the song can render such a vivid narrative in so few words is remarkable.

Stream it below:

“Mattress” is the first single off Between The Banners, Beneath The Floors, out 6/22 via Dadstache Records.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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