Track Premiere: Floated – “So Let This Be”

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by Andres Bohorquez

David Maine has spent his entire life around music. The 28-year-old Brooklyn resident is a classically trained pianist and toured for years as a member of Frankie Cosmos. If you’re thinking his surname seems familiar, particularly concerning Frankie Cosmos, you’d be on to something. David’s brother Aaron performs as Porches. However, don’t let this pedigree fool you, David Maine is his own artist. After leaving his previous projects, he set out to hone his own skills and artistic vision. With his solo project, Floated, Maine proves he can hold his own, and creates pop music that sounds like melting pastel clouds, buoyant enough to carry his crooning falsetto vocals.

His new single “So Let This Be” finds him in the aftermath of ending things. Maine says the track speaks to “the difficult period of maintaining your decision to end something even when it feels painful and unnatural.” Maine’s writing speaks to deep pain inherent in removing the toxic from our lives. Sonically, the song is chilly and metallic, with drum machines and synths that feel as murky as they do sharp. Maine’s voice is well suited to this vaporwave-inspired soundscape, contrasting the darker tone with an airy delivery.

You can listen to “So Let This Be” below:


Eric Bennett //@seething_coast

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