Track Premiere: Fever Beam – “Young Guns”

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by: Robert Dennard III

“Young Guns” is the catchy debut single from the St. Petersburg, Florida trio, Fever Beam. Self-described as “cowpunk”, the upbeat track seamlessly blends elements of country and garage rock to create an infectious rhythm that highlights lead singer Kasey Maloney’s unique vocals.

Described by the band as a song a “hellfire built on the barebones of lonesome nights and honey biscuits. And a sick VHS collection”, the track describes knowing how to live a put together life but struggling to do so. The track is out April 5 and the band is currently in production with their debut EP. Take a listen below:

You can purchase the track on their Bandcamp here.


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Lindsy Carrasquillo // @lindsy_carr

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