Track Premiere: Fernway – “Mountain Climber”

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Buffalo’s Fernway have been churning out catchy alternative, jazz-laden emo for a few years now, and their new single “Mountain Climber” (out on Revival Recordings) takes their distinct sound to new highs. The track has a bouncy feel as whirling synth lines and 80s guitar riffs weave in and out of each other for dominance in the mix. Although the track follows a standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus pattern, the layered and shifting instrumentation gives it a feel of forward momentum with new surprises popping up as you go. It finishes with an exhilarating coda kicked off as synths wash out the lyric “do you mean anything that you say?” before the band brings the sound to an almost sudden halt, leaving you likely to hit the replay button.

We’re psyched to premiere “Mountain Climber” exclusively at The Alt today. The track will be out tomorrow and available everywhere.

“Mountain Climber” will be out tomorrow March 5th on streaming services: you can presave it now.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobbyreject

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