Track Premiere: Farseek—”Infinitely Sunny Days”

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Cameron Harrison might be the hardest working dude in DIY. In 2019, Harrison’s band Farseek has already released an EP and a split with Michigan’s Complainer, and their new full-length, Deming, comes out on June 23.

The album’s lead single “Infinitely Sunny Days” is an encapsulation of Farseek’s sound—emo-punk featuring extremely pretty guitars and Harrison’s signature doubled vocals—but also proof of their growth. Farseek’s EP from April of this year, fittingly titled April, showcased the band’s evolution: every song featured an intricate interplay between layered riffs.

“Infinitely Sunny Days” continues in this direction, showing off Farseek’s range. The song is given room to breathe, letting fingerpicked chords and interlocking lead lines bubble up alongside one another. When the drums and bass kick in, it feels like hitting the cold water of the deep end after a long jump down from a high dive, and the song still finds time in its three minutes for a few brisk measures of galloping punk injected into the triumphant outro.

Normally, Harrison’s verbose, heart-on-sleeve lyrics are a healthy mix of humor, self-deprecation, and calls to dismantle capitalism, but “Infinitely Sunny Days” takes an optimistic stance on life’s changes: “I’m always feeling like I don’t want things to change / but it’s usually for the better.”

Stream it below:

Farseek will be going on tour with Snacking this summer in support of their upcoming full-length. Check out the tour dates below.

Keegan Bradford | @FranziaMom

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