Track Premiere: False Priest – “Bronxville”

Posted: by The Editor


We all know the feeling – the feeling of being perpetually stuck in some sort of seemingly never-ending cycle. Call it a “rut”, call it a “routine”, but San Francisco’s False Priest calls it Driving in Circles, which is coincidentally also the name of their upcoming album. We’re premiering their final single off of the upcoming album “Bronxville (Gasoline Fantasy)”.

Opening with a groovy, sunny, ear-catching riffs, it isn’t until the chorus kicks in and vocalist Evan Greenwald belts out “When I leave this time, I’m gonna get it right” that one realizes the actual point of the song. “Bronxville” is the modern day “millennial” ode to getting the heck out of your hometown. Sure it’s a cliche, but for good reason. Getting out of this town is never just getting out of this town. It’s a marker of moving forward, of breaking the cycle, of finally no longer driving in circles. Emulating the hopeful and progressive tone of their lyricism, False Priest infiltrates their own psych-reminiscent indie pop with a signature modern  twangy tinge. Though this unlikely genre pairing sounds like a hot mess in the making, somehow the band manages to execute this fusion flawlessly. Intentional in every sense of the word, False Priest is as calculated as they are creative, and as the song sits second to last on the album, the symbolic momentum builds in attempt to resolve the album-long culminating question –  “what next?”.  


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