Track Premiere: The Expos – “Fiesta Dentist”

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If you’re looking for a new summer jam to blast on a sunny day, look no further than the new track from Phoenix’s soda pop and rock ’n’ roll enthusiasts The Expos!


Their new track Fiesta Dentist off their upcoming record Perfect delights with dance beats, guitar solos and hot desert pop sounds like those favored by their friends in Diners and Iji.

The budding young Arizona label Warped Your Records is releasing the album digitally and in the most contemporary, of-the-moment, way possible: Fidget Spinners. Yes, you read that correctly. The Expos’ new album “Perfect” will be released as a custom branded purple fidget spinner which you can see below.

Led by teenage extraodinaire and songwriter Aaron Ponzo, The Expos have a couple albums to their name but their most recent offering explodes into summer with twee punk energy! The playful nature of “Fiesta Dentist” is present through the album and the limited edition fidget spinner for sale through Warped Your RecordsThe album is out on July 4th, just in time for The Expos to embark on a West Coast tour!


Make sure you catch them on the road because the playful antics only multiply when you hear them in person! Beat the heat with Fiesta Dentist and celebrate summertime shows with Arizona’s new young sound: The Expos! You can pre-order the fidget spinner and download the album on the Warped Your Records’s Bandcamp.


– Alyx