Track Premiere: Expert Timing – “Disastrous”

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Photo by Jake Cunningham

A year later, and still shining bright is Expert Timing’s Glare. The Orlando three piece released their debut record last October 23, and chose to celebrate with an acoustic rendering of their single, “Disastrous.”

“Disastrous” is an examination of strength and flaws, and ultimately a confrontation of them. It’s hard enough to own imperfection, much less address it. Whether you “hide from the monsters that you found” or suffer from spiraling burn out, it’s impossible to heal without speaking up and out. Expert Timing transformed this complicated string of emotions into a satisfying revelation matched with an irresistible pop anthem. Locked a third of the way into Glare, it’s like a hug from a friend that you didn’t realize you needed.

Stripped down from their danceable bubble-punk sound, Expert Timing’s acoustic intentions are bare and impactful with a seemingly simple, strings-and-rhythm approach. All three members showcased their talent while recording with Jon Markson at Savaria Studios in Brooklyn, but it was drummer Gibran Colbert who really dug in with the addition of his vocals, softer percussion, and layers of additional guitar. These special touches of harmony and complexity just make the track all the richer. Expert Timing has found a way to craft a reprise that is just as impactful as their album release.

“Disastrous” is now available on all streaming platforms. Catch their sets at The Fest on Friday, November 1 at midnight at The Atlantic and acoustic at Civic Media Center on Sunday, November 3 at 2:50 p.m.

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Amanda Starling | @starlingaj

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