Track Premiere: Expert Timing, ‘Classic Case of Narcissism’

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Dance around Expert Timing with their new single, “Classic Case of Narcissim,” off of their debut record, Glare.

The Orlando three-piece of Jeffrey Snyder, Katrina Snyder, and Gibran Colbert have launched a slew of energetic, pop-perfected punk tracks with DIY label Death Protector Collective. With dual-vocals matched by slamming, hypnotic drums, their catalogue is expanding into emotional, arc-building territory with the release of Glare, which chronicles confronting emotional struggle with positivity.

Challenging a narcissist with an agenda is tough, but Expert Timing pulls no punches. In a catchy, charismatic way, Expert Timing offers their experience of pushing back against those who are self-serving. The best way to push back? Dance around the truth that Expert Timing is spreading.

Take a listen to “Classic Case of Narcissism” by Expert Timing below:

Sifting through misinformation and manipulation seems simpler when you can dance through it all with a chorus, “You make it about you | when you’re lying to me | and you dance around the truth | making me so dizzy.” It’s a universal feeling of frustration in an era of misinformation and deception. Expert Timing set a mood of confidence when confronting exposure – they’ll be the first to spot the truth.

In spite of the struggles of confronting ego and petulance, Expert Timing keeps an upbeat energy. It’s a nod to the overall optimism they project in spite of struggle, a theme to be explored in Glare.

Glare is available for pre-order now at and scheduled to be released October 23.

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