Track Premiere: exciting!!excellent!! – “ice key”

Posted: by The Editor

Portland’s exciting!!excellent!! make inventive and uplifting chiptune emo, creating their 80s teen movie sound from Jasmine McElroy’s vocals and mind-boggling gameboy programming. The band announced a new EP tysm!!!!!! today with the single “ice key,” a dreamy and reflective tune filled with programming touches that feel like tiny explosions contrasting with the more open guitar, and lyrics like “and when the smoke comes back / I’ll open all my windows / I won’t sleep through one more summer / I won’t feel like this forever.” The track takes a turn about halfway through, pulling back and drawing dynamics from the gameboys and slowly rebuilding off the new pattern.

Check out “ice key” below and get ready for tysm!!!!!! out 5/27 on Lonely Ghost Records.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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