Track Premiere: Elder Brother – ‘Projector’

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Elder Brother’s released a string of singles in the run-up to their third full-length I Won’t Fade on You, including the psychedelic non-album single “Nothing Means Nothing.” They’re all different enough to showcase the various styles Elder Brother toys with on the upcoming LP, but they all share a similar sunny vibe.

Today we’re excited to premiere the album’s fourth single, the midtempo “Projector.” The song is a throwback to classic ‘90s bands like Oasis or Third Eye Blind, but it’s jangly and breezy enough to be recognizably Elder Brother’s own. It’s got one of the year’s most affecting lovelorn bridges as Daniel Rose sings, “I wanted nothing more than to be your something more.”

Daniel describes the song as a “short and sweet, to the point Pop song, something we hadn’t really tried to intentionally do to date.   When we got together to write it, we played around with adding some keys to it, and the song really came together in the studio when Evan got on Jack (Shirley)’s organ with the Leslie speaker.  We tapped a little bit into some 90’s Americana style influence, bands like early Wilco and The Wallflowers style, influences that we all are big fans of but hadn’t really made its way into our music until this album.”

I Won’t Fade on You is out October 2 via Pure Noise Records.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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