Track Premiere: Dragon Inn 3 – “Backstabber”

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Dragon Inn 3 is bringing the 80’s back, and by the 80’s I just mean the good parts of the 80’s (mainly synth pop). While the band features a founding member of a well known indie band, this is not some spur of the moment side project. The musicians behind Dragon Inn 3 spent six years crafting the songs that eventually became their debut LP, Double Lane, and today we’re premiering the single “Backstabber”.
The band had a pretty interesting inception. Philip Dickey (leader of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin), was working on the synth heavy 80’s vibe soundtrack for an award winning horror short film, Ghoul School. As he informed us, “If you watch the trailer you can tell it’s the same premise and look as Stranger Things–we just accidentally made it three years before them. I had so much fun making the soundtrack with the director (E.P. Marcus) that we decided to start a band.” Once that idea was in his head, it was all about finding other members.
Dickey recruited his sister, Sharon Bowie, an occupational therapist, and his wife, children’s librarian Grace Bentley, to help with songwriting and vocal duties, and the band released their first record The Ghoul School Soundtrack EP in late 2012. Since then, they’ve been working on the material for their debut LP. Well the time for that release has come! You can feel the time and effort put into this project in every track, and especially “Backstabber”. Take a listen below and get brainstorming what awesome film soundtracks this should be in.

Here’s a bit from the songwriter and vocalist of “Backstabber” Sharon Bowie:

“Before my best friend moved to Portland, we were writing new age cello and synth pieces.  I came up with this synth part that I couldn’t get out of my head but we couldn’t figure out how to incorporate it into one of our songs.  Years later it became the foundation of “Backstabber”.  It took a few passes to get the flow of the song just right – some parts needed to be removed.  But it was fun revamping it with my brother, Phil, and seeing it come to life.”

Double Lane is out 8/17 on American Laundromat Records on vinyl, CD, and tape, and you can preorder it now.


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