Track Premiere: Downhaul – “SMAK”

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Downhaul is an emo-adjacent band that’s been kicking ass lately. Just taking a look at the bands they’ve played with is pretty much a rundown of our top releases of last year, including Oso Oso, Hodera, and Remo Drive. While playing with talented artists does not correlate directly to another artist’s own skills, Downhaul is able to stand proudly with these peers.

Over the course of two EPs, the band has crafted a sound that is uniquely them. “SMAK” is the newest single off of their forthcoming third EP, Where We Started. There are hints of classic emo jangles, an almost folky twang, and a momentum that builds slowly enough that you don’t realize until it hits its peak. Dynamics strongly relate to a song’s ability to convey emotion and in that manner “SMAK” shines through.

Where We Started is set for release on February 16 and preorders are available now in both vinyl and digital formats. The EP was recorded by Kris Hilbert, who has done the previous two releases, and mastered by Jesse Cannon.


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