Track Premiere: Dosser – “Kids”

Posted: by The Editor

Brainscan, the debut EP from Dosser, was a gruff, fuzzed-out take on ’90s alt rock, an impressive first step from a young band. They’ve since followed it last month with a single titled “Joy Thief,” which leans more into the rock sound than the heavily shoegaze-inspired Brainscan. It’s slated to appear on their upcoming as-yet-untitled full-length, and that song alone was a good sign.

But now the Baltimore shoegazers are back for more. Their latest single, streaming exclusively below, is called “Kids,” and it might be even better than “Joy Thief.” The track feels like a perfect bridge between the hazier sounds of Brainscan and the more straightforward “Joy Thief,” landing somewhere between Mezcal Head and A Wishful Thing. The track’s chorus is punctuated by some hardly audible screams, a sure sign that Dosser’s gotten even more comfortable taking risks in the lane they’ve established.

You can catch Dosser on tour with Pianos Become the Teeth now, and stream “Kids” below.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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