Track Premiere: Daisy the Great – ‘Famous’

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‘Tis the season of sharing, and in light of the holidays we are excited to give the gift that keeps giving. What’s that you ask? You guessed it, a wondrous new single from the beautifully harmonious Brooklyn DIY duo, Daisy the Great. Set to release their debut album, I’m Not Getting Any Taller next month, their newest track “Famous” details the growing pains of aging.

Fronts Mina Walker and Kelley Nicole Dugan originally met in school and collaborated on a fictitious musical that soon led to the formation of Daisy the Great. Since then, they have released their debut EP, “I’ve Got a Few Friends and I Wish They Were Mine, and a handful of singles.

As a direct reflection of the album title, much of the track discusses coming to terms with time. Walker and Dugan expressed that a large influence was the concept of, “what to do with the time you have, who to spend it on and how much you should give to yourself”.

So picture yourself laying in the cool grass on a warm summer day, that’s exactly what “Famous” feels like. It’s light and fluffy, but packed with a tinge of self-reflection in the most earnest way. The two explained that the track is about, “the existential crisis between youth and adulthood when you feel like you’re waiting for your life to start.”

With relatable one-liners and breezy harmonies, the two are vulnerable in ways that many artists shy away from. The chorus rings, “If I die before I’m famous, what’s the point of anything”. Simple at its core, the line resonates what we all strive for, success. While some may be afraid to admit their goals, Daisy the Great know what they want, and aren’t afraid to show it. While they have a soft exterior, they are at their center, a kickass group ready to cannonball into 2019 with a voluminous splash.

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Emily Kitchin | @deathnap4cutie

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