Track Premiere: Caracara – “Crystalline”

Posted: by The Editor

Caracara Promo (Credit to Emily Dubin)

(PC: Emily Dubin)

The term “crystalline” refers to something that is crystal clear.  This kind of clarity is exactly what Philadelphia’s Caracara convey’s in their latest single. We’re premiering “Crystalline” off of the band’s upcoming EP Summer Megalith – out on Flower Girl Records September 22nd. Preorder the album HERE.

Opening immediately with punchy drums and steady yet foreboding guitars; the song’s inherent juxtaposition is revealed. As the words spill out of vocalist William Lindsay’s mouth he employs an unwavering confidence. His vocals cut through the hurried and frantic mess only to assert that “I am always loneliest when I’m alone with you” and “If you can be honest, I can be honest too”.  Much like real life, vulnerability and conviction collide in this song, and while such a collision muddies the anxious waters of day to day life for us all, Caracara emerges clear as crystal.

– Delaney

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