Track Premiere: Coupons – “Comatose”

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There aren’t many bands out there like Coupons. Their debut album, 2016’s Number One Hit Album, was an eclectic romp through a million different styles, frequently within the same song. They come off a little bit like a modern day Gatsbys American Dream, effortlessly crafting infectious songs that feel like little bits and pieces of the band’s influences stitched together into something new. The band’s latest single, “Comatose,” which we’re premiering below, keeps that trend up. 

What begins as a traditional indie pop song becomes an acoustic campfire shoutalong before turning into a spacey, ambient dirge. As ever, it’s extremely catchy. It’s quintessential Coupons, and it’s a delicious taste of Up & Up.


Coupons · Comatose

Up & Up is out September fourth via Counter Intuitive Records.
And all proceeds made from their Bandcamp sales will be donated to The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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