Track Premiere: Closure. – “Call Me”

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It’s been over a year since A Doggone Split dropped, a three-way split between Good Sleepy, Knope, and Closure. Even now, it sounds fresh and forward-thinking: three young bands exploring different corners of the riffy, hooky emo-revival sound. Despite their different approaches, the three bands felt well-paired, precocious and confident, able to handle urgent twinkling and downtempo melodies with the same steady focus. Good Sleepy recently signed to No Sleep Records, but Knope and Closure. have been a little quieter, and I’ve often wondered what would come next from the Doggone Split crew.

Last fall, Closure. released the two-song EP something about the past, a continuation of their contemplative, Empire! Empire!-inspired emo, complete with trumpets and tappy guitars. Nothing on this EP hinted at the heights the would reach on “Call Me,” the first single from Closure.’s upcoming debut full length I DON’T MIND. The band’s new song maximizes the size and stickiness of their hooks, joining the likes of Oso Oso and I’m Glad It’s You at the forefront of the cresting wave of emo pop. The song nearly hits the 4 minute mark (a death knoll for most emo bands who thrive on brevity and a few fun ideas executed in slapdash fashion), but Closure. delivers an undeniable singalong with the kind of staying power that demands being looped 2 or 3 times every time it comes on. Closure. have fully arrived, and I guarantee you’ll be seeing their name a lot this year.

I DON’T MIND drops 9/17 on upstate NY’s Sakers Records, where you can preorder the album on cassette and vinyl. Stream the lead single, “Call Me,” below.

SAKERS · closure. “Call Me” [pre-release]

Keegan Bradford | @franziamom

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