Track Premiere: Clever Girls – “Spark”

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Clever Girls has lit a “Spark” in the dark for their latest single they’re sharing with The Alternative. As a tease to their to-be-announced record, Clever Girls has set the perfect stage for their next collection of diverse sounds.

Cultivated in the way the track suggests, “Spark” builds like a gorgeous grunge-y fire as it progresses. What started as a poem spurned from a long walk between Vermont towns transformed quickly into a song driven by heightened feelings. A gem of Burlington, Clever Girls has mastered the multi-genre effort while keeping close their DIY nature.

For songwriter Diane Jean, they’ve focused on reflection and a desire to exist in a place that one can’t and accepting individual faults. Instead of avoiding the challenging corridor of the mind, Diane instead charged at it and decided to confront the discomfort or pain. They’ve likened it to being the dark side of their previous single, “Remember Pluto.”

Consider their latest single a peek into the sounds that their upcoming record will play with. Listen to “Spark” below:

Stay tuned with Clever Girls and Egg Hunt Records for tour dates, the album announcement, and more.

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Amanda Starling | @starlingaj

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