Track Premiere: Charles Walker – ‘Passenger Side’

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Photo by Caleb Ocampo

Consider Charles Walker a cozy, welcoming energy. His new single, “Passenger Side,” ushers in a cool, indie-country attitude that beckons memories of adventure and carefree moments to rush into anything, unapologetically.

There’s moments of meaning and reflection, from shows to cigarette drags, but it’s these details that make the track shine. Between this and the truthfulness in “there is nothing you can say/ that i haven’t already said/but there’s no comfort in acknowledgement” just lets us a little closer into Walker’s headspace.

As a follow-up to his EP, Whole Again, Walker has mastered a winding, upbeat sound while confronting moments of struggle. One moment we’re feeling the adventurous rush like a speeding car, the next slowed-down twang-y guitars that are as magnetically complimentary as lines like “please don’t have my back/the next time I fall I want to feel the impact.” Walker is the driver of this emotional chase, and we’re along for quite the ride on his debut record.

Give Charles Walker’s new single, “Passenger Side,” a listen below:

Charles Walker’s self-titled new album will be available on May 13.

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