Track Premiere: Cathedral Bells – “Invisible”

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Cassadaga, Florida is an oddity in a state where outlandish is the norm. It’s an unincorporated community–not even a town, really–and home to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, a gathering of trance mediums and séance practitioners dating back to the 19th century that inspired the 2007 Bright Eye’s album. It’s the part of Florida that isn’t famous for Florida Man headlines or tourist beaches: sleepy with humidity, miles of subdivisions abruptly ending at the edge of broad flat marshlands and forest.

It’s fitting that Cathedral Bells hail from Cassadaga: their new song “Invisible” drips with humidity, floating and shimmering above a driving drum machine. The lush synths and hazy vocal melodies blend a shoegaze influence with dreampop instincts, the melodies swirling around each other as they rise like heat off the pavement. Cathedral Bells was conceived as a solo project, the result of Matthew Messore layering jangly guitar and synthesizer in his bedroom in 2018. “Invisible” is the band’s first offering as three-piece (Aaron Gollubier, drums; Kyle Hoffer, bass), and the proof that their sonic palate is expanding along with their lineup.

“Invisible” will be coming out via Spirit Goth Records on all streaming platforms on 11/20 ahead of their January 2021 album, Ether. Stream it now below.


Keegan Bradford | @franziamom

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Spirit Goth Records · Cathedral Bells – Invisible