Track Premiere: Carpool – “Erotic Nightmare Summer (The Salty Song)”

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Feeling like the anthem to a sleepless heat-wave, Carpool’s title track to their upcoming LP is the amalgamation of all the thoughts that race through your head as you stare wide-eyed at the ceiling, every anxious memory playing on a reel, at the godless hour of 3AM.

Marking their return from 2018’s dreamier and emo-ier I Think Everyone’s A Cop, “ENS (The Salty Song)” is succinct—less of a wistful type of longing, more of a dedication to going forward in the realization that not everything or everyone is built to last. The electrifying riff that follows the chorus echoes like rousing group vocals, and when paired with the charming jingle of a xylophone, it makes for 2 minutes and 56 seconds of a cathartic exploration of those visions and fever dream emotions brought on by the recognition that you can and are moving on. Sandwiched between two samples from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the track is the reintroduction of the epic journey of Carpool— and one that will ring in your head for months to come. 

“Erotic Nightmare Summer (The Salty Song)” drops on streaming platforms May 1st, and the full LP will be available everywhere June 5.

Pre-order “Erotic Nightmare Summer” via Acrobat Unstable.

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Olivia Keasling | @residentkilljoy

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