Track Premiere: Blurry – “Palm Reader”

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The fuzz and flair that blurry possesses has always been undeniably electric, like a lightning storm in the dead of night. Every moment of their new release, I’m Starting to Hate the Sound Of,  demands heightened senses, reflections of vulnerability, and eight minutes of your time.

“Talk it out / I’m coughing out my insides / I’m coming down again / Say it wrong, say it slowly so I can feel.”

BLURRY · Palm Reader

The soundscape of a sort of post-hardcore isn’t unfamiliar to Blurry. They explored their rougher side on their oldest full length Note Worthy and settled for a bit of a softer tone on latest album Happy. The two newest tracks find a culmination of the band’s past, as songs that ignite equal parts grunge and gaze.

Released two weeks ago, “Bailey Waters” is a deconstruction of crumbling expectations of longevity within a relationship. “Palm Reader” follows suit in the same self-examining fashion, picking apart the need to believe people’s assurances at face value, even when the set up for confidence is flimsy at best. Double-layered vocals, one confident and steady backed by a pleading shout pair with a feedback-heavy guitar line to create a sort of sonic disarray, just wild enough to communicate desperation—but the kind that is in reach enough to collect and channel into a new energy.




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Olivia Keasling | @residentkilljoy

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