Track Premiere: Big Fred — ‘Onions’

Posted: by The Editor

We haven’t heard from Rochester-based indie-rockers since 2017’s Oh Hi Hello, an all-too-brief collection of off-kilter guitar work and syrupy melodies. Big Fred’s shape-shifting approach to songwriting blends the knottiness of lo-fi indie-rock with the unpredictability of experimental pop, not unlike The Spirit of the Beehive. “Onions”, the fidgety lead single from Big Fred’s final EP Slapstick (out 12/20 via Sad Cactus Records) is as charming as it is totally bonkers, a gentle rush of murky guitars and synths that sound like they were cooked up in the middle of a daydream. Rather than veering into disarray, “Onions” quickly locks into a groove that slowly propels the track forward, allowing the frayed Auto-Tuned vocals to swirl around the track like clothes spinning around in a washing machine for hours on end.

Stream it below:


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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