Track Premiere: Bay Faction—’Are You In The Mood?’

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When a music critic suggests that a band’s sound is best suited for car rides, they’re usually referring to the type of sunny tunes that’re conducive to aimless gallivanting down beach-side stretches with the top drawn for optimal fist-pump functionality; the way the kids in Dazed & Confused made the mere act of cruising around look certifiably rock ‘n roll. In the case of Brooklyn outfit Bay Faction, their music recalls a completely different type of car ride; an anxiety-fueled, 4 a.m. flee to escape your thoughts with the windows up and the cigarette smoke clouding your vision.

Everything the band has dropped since their 2015 debut  has been a tense, brooding breed of alt-emo with a tenuously confident delivery that’s prone to snapping into passages of howling—or at least threatening to despite ultimately maintaining its composure. “Are You In The Mood?” is their latest and most staggering offering yet, with a sensual bassline that sways precariously before slipping belly-up into a brief hook of whirring distortion; only to both regain and lose control once more prior to its abrupt conclusion. Whereas much of their earlier material drew from contemporaries like Sorority Noise, The Obsessives and, of course only musically, Deja-era Brand New, the sound Bay Faction have been moving toward on their recent singles has taken on a more groove-oriented indie rock character.

Stream “Are You In The Mood?” below. It’s sure to put you in one.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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