Track Premiere: Annie Jump Cannon – “Up Creek Without a Paddle”

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Annie Jump Cannon’s recent signing to No Sleep Records just makes sense. The band’s scrappy indie-emo-pop-punk-etc fits in with the label’s ethos, landing them somewhere between No Sleep darlings Charmer and emo revival darlings Modern Baseball. The band’s been working on their upcoming debut LP, Flourishing Apart, due this February, since vocalist Sav Membrila was a teenager: “I started writing some of these songs when I was 16 and kept them in my back pocket, because at the time they felt too personal to flaunt.”

Now the band’s ready to let them out, starting with the slowburning “Up Creek Without a Paddle.” It really shows off the band’s indie rock bonafides, lulling listeners along before hitting them with that powerful final minute. Membrila says that

This song is me spilling after I felt really let down. I’m not too sure what this song is, but it’s relatable and captivating from both perspectives. “Up Creek Without a Paddle” has an almost eerie flow to it until it releases it’s tension with the powerful lines “I don’t feel like I can talk.” Although it’s about a very specific scenario for me, the whole importance is allowing yourself to unapologetically feel whatever it has to offer. I think it’s my favorite song I’ve ever written.

Membrila’s right – “Up Creek Without a Paddle” is definitely on the shortlist of best Annie Jump Cannon songs ever. Stream it below.


Flourishing Apart will be released February 11, 2022 via No Sleep Records.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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