Track Premiere: American Spirits – “MXC”

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“MXC” is the second single from American Spirits’ promising new release, No One Cares About Your Band. With a simplistic intro, the lead vocalist Trey Miles slides into the frontlines with a calm composure. His lyrics stand out immediately and cut through the backing track, however he keeps his cool like he is orchestrating something much bigger.

We’re premiering “MXC” today from American Spirit’s Bandcamp below:

The drums and bass performed by Conor Alan and Bails McCance turn from a unified cheer into a catchy groove behind all this. Their synchronization is very apparent as you can imagine the two of them locking eyes and bopping heads in unison to the beat. They do this until their guitarist, Dillon Vanzandt, comes in for the chorus. A unit again, the band lets out a yell.

Slow Down.

An ironic thing to yell after increasing the tempo, but maybe that’s the point. It’s clear early on that Trey has a hard time keeping up and has to fight heavy breaths as the world around him wisps by. What is Trey doing that keeps him from leading the pack? Is he just slow or is something holding him back?

It seems as if Trey has a lack of motivation. He has trouble getting up in the morning, he picks at his skin to pass the time, and he simply listens.

In a world of speakers, listeners are a dying breed. It is clear that this ragtag team known as American Spirits are listeners themselves. While many always “do” with no thought of consequence or responsibility, American Spirits has the patience to take things in and give them the accurate perspective needed. Even the title, “MXC,” stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, based on the old Japanese wipeout style show. While the contestants are making their way through obstacles and failing, the group is simply watching and formulating how they would handle it if given the opportunity.

I’m extremely excited to see how the world reacts to this single as well as the rest of their new release. After headlining a small regional tour entitled “No One Cares About Your Tour,” the band is excited to unveil their creation from a more distinguished perspective.

No One Cares About Your Band is out everywhere December 1.

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Jordi Ali Perbtani | @foxwoodfl

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