Track Premiere: ahem—’Blue Bird’

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The two vocalists of the Minneapolis fuzz-rock outfit, case-sensitively stylized ahem, have the type of chemistry you can’t help but grin at. On “Blue Bird,” the second single from their sophomore EP that drops next week, singers Alyse Emanuel and Erik Anderson share and trade lines with the carefree swiftness of kids swapping Pokemon cards at recess. “Cause I’m the kind of boy / who breaks at every little stick and every stone / and I’m the kind of girl who thinks / yeah maybe I’d be better off a-,” they sing in unison, cutting off that last word with a big ole string bend. A metaphorical token of friendship that rescues the pair from self-loathing.

The trio describe themselves as “sad sunny fuzz or something,” which is. . .yep. Heavy duty bubblegum rock is another way to tag them—particularly “Blue Bird,” which we’re premiering below. It’s a sweet one that balloons real big before it pops all over your face. That Hubba Bubba Max-tier stuff.

“I thought I was a bird / but honey you’re just blue,” is the hook, featuring an NFL-level hand-off between Anderson and Emanuel, and put to the tune of a Thermals-y pop-rock song. Big guitars, a sweaty momentum, and an endearing little storyline. It’s instant playlist fodder.

Stream it below:

Chutes and Ladders is out 6/22 via Forged Artifacts.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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