Track by Track: GLASWING – ‘I’m in the Checkout Line of My Life’

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Although Aaron Marsh is best known as the frontman for the Lakeland, Florida, indie rock group Copeland, over the past year or so he’s been writing and recording as GLASWING. On I’m in the Checkout Line of My Life, the project’s debut EP which dropped last week, Marsh trades out the guitars and strings of his main band for synths and samples. Copeland fans might be surprised to hear Marsh’s gorgeous voice slathered in autotune, but they’ll be even more surprised to hear how well it works out. GLASWING’s take on pop is as ambitious as any fan should expect, ethereal and ambient. Marsh wrote up a little bit about each of the songs on the EP, which you can read below.

“Yesterday I Lost a Day” is a tune I wrote about appreciating the little moments, the days that could be seen as mundane, the good times that don’t necessarily seem special in the moment. It was a day I’d been away from my wife for a couple days and I was missing the simple things.

“I’m in the Checkout Line of My Life” explores a surreal, afterlife-type view of love and joy. I envisioned the subject watching video tapes of simple but now meaningful moments of their life from the beyond.

“Feel Your Love” is a sexy little tune I wrote for my wife. I tried to use some different imagery in the song, comparing her body to swirling water, rising smoke, and a blanket of mist. Hopefully people enjoy the song and maybe it will lead to some sweet moments they can share with their partner.

“When You’re Smiling My Way” is a sweet little love song. There is so much you can communicate to someone you love with a simple look.

“A Toast” is meant to be just that, words of appreciation and well-wishes with glasses held high. Cheers.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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