Track by Track: Couch Prints – ‘Waterfall’

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Couch Prints is one of the best bands in pop today. They’ve got the trancelike, graceful ballads (“All I Know”), the dreamy pop bangers (“Horsepower”), and they’re at their best when they’re melding the two (“Waterfall”). Their new EP Waterfall drops tomorrow, and it’s a lovely batch of blurry, sweltering indie pop songs that should appeal to fans of anyone from Lana Del Rey to Beach House. The duo sat down with The Alternative to explain a little bit about each of the six songs on Waterfall, which you can read below.


“Impressions” is about fear and love, about the fear of falling for someone new. It’s about knowing that all good things come to a close, and wanting to slam the door before it opens.

“All I Know”

“All I Know” is a simple expression of the unease caused by the boundless media and content of the modern world. An ode to “ignorance is bliss.”


“Horsepower,” as its name suggests, is a song about cars. In the wake of a global pandemic that completely pulled apart our notions of what stability is, there’s a parallel in the way car crashes disrupt so many of our lives at random. We want the world to have a rhythm we can stick to, but ultimately chaos is too powerful.


“Waterfall,” the tape’s title track, is about time as a waterfall, and our lived experience underneath it. A place that can at once be suffocatingly immediate and refreshingly infinite.


“Lightning” is a song about drunk driving and Middle-America malaise: the longing for intensity in a smooth, flat, fast-casual landscape. The car crash continues to be the most violent aspect of American life, the last holdout from automation, regulation, and technology that has made our lives safer but more detached.



“Alive” is an exploration of emptiness, the pain of living in your body without calling it a home. A pain exacerbated by our skewed perceptions of other people’s lives.

Waterfall is out tomorrow.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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