Track Attack: Washer — ‘Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine’

Posted: by The Editor

Track Attack is a new column where Editor Eli Enis reviews a song he’s been really into, or really not into, as of late. There aren’t any requirements for how current the song must be, what genre it falls into, how popular it is, etc. It’s simply an excuse to bring you new music recommendations in a concise, digestible fashion. He hopes you dig it. 

The Brooklyn duo Washer put out one of last year’s hidden gems via Exploding In Sound, and now the band are back with their sophomore full-length, All Aboard, due out 9/15. Like on Here Comes Washer, the band’s bare bones approach is still sonically DIY on this new album and “Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine,” the first single from it, begs to be cranked out in a small, sweaty club or basement.

As lackadaisical as singer Mike Quigley’s  delivery is, his vocals are always brought up in the mix, allowing both his quietly crooned and his raspy yelps to play fair with the minimal production on the instrumental front. Unlike other lo-fi-ish bands of their ilk, Washer are really easy to consume—straining to hear Quigley’s clever narratives is never an issue. This song is really freakin’ catchy too, with a fantastic bassline that slowly loops into the guitars and ends up climaxing like a great LVL Up song.

Washer are one of the most underrated bands in the game right now, but with songs like this, that shouldn’t last long. Get on them before they take off.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis