Track Attack: The Convenience — “On My Way” and “Tamarin”

Posted: by The Editor

Listening to The Convenience, made up of Nick Corson and Duncan Troast (who have both also played in Video Age and Fishplate), is like discovering a relic from a bygone era of pop music. The New Orleans duo released a self-titled EP earlier this year, a short collection of breezy psychedelia that was insanely catchy. The group is back with two new singles, “On My Way” and “Tamarin”, each one slightly different than the other—one is straight crystalline funk while the other is more downtempo R&B, covering new territories for the band while keeping their pop sensibilities in tact.

With its bouncy rhythms and wobbly atmosphere, “On My Way” is a kaleidoscopic swirl that sounds like it was ripped straight from AM radio, it’s pure pop bliss. If you lay your head back while listening, it’s nearly impossible not to get swept up in a daydream. “Tamarin”, the b-side, is the perfect mix of stillness and motion—if you heard the song in passing you might mistake it for a Phil Collins scratch track, that is until a booming saxophone solo joins in. This track is the textbook definition of a slow-burner, and it probably would have soundtracked an 80’s middle school dance if it was released three decades prior, instead it’s syrupy melody invokes nostalgia in me for an era I was born three years after it ended.


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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