Track Review: Lotus Kid – “I’mbalanced”

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Isolation is in full swing for the foreseeable future; but that hasn’t stopped punk-rockers Lotus Kid from dropping a refreshing new tune to help you blow off steam while staring at the four corners of your room. Hailing from Pittsburgh, the group, consisting of vocalist: Mike O’Toole, bassist Doug Kirkwood, and guitarists Zack Ethridge and Stephen Shriane, represent everything fun and modern about the second wave of pop-punk. With emotionally jarring lyricism and high-strung guitars, Lotus Kid feel like a mixed breed between Free Throw and Have Mercy. Their newest single “I’mbalance” displays just that.

“I’mbalance” is a high energy track that spews like Mentos in a Coke bottle. The accompanying music video highlights exactly how electric the single is, as it depicts the group touring through the Rust Belt of America. The chorus is a powerhouse that will be wedged between your ears long after it’s over, and the bridge offers a solid preview of lyricism on future projects with the rambling thoughts, “How come I never act clearly / When I can see visions vividly / My gut runs through my ears regularly / Chemical standing leads to orchestrating my demise.” 

Discussing the inspiration for the track, O’Toole explains, “I wrote it in a time of feeling defeated by the negative energy that I willingly allowed to be a part of my life. “I’mbalanced” was simply an outlet for how frustrated I was with myself. Sometimes your judgement can really fuck up your life up to the point of self-loathing, but eventually you have to just say whatever and learn from your mistakes. The “I’m still driving” lyric in the first verse sums that up well.

“I’mbalance” is only a snippet of Lotus Kid’s talent. The group has allowed others to pin their negative emotions onto the track during this time of global unknown, and one can only expect further exploration of relatable inner storms on their full-length set to drop in June of this year. Keep a close eye on these punk rock dudes, as I can predict they have a lot more good up their sleeves.


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