Track Attack: Derek Ted – ‘so strange…onlytearz’

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Many are turning to music for a sense of escapism after being locked indoors for weeks on end. Derek Ted is no exception. After releasing Sew Me Up, last summer through Pure Noise Records, the singer-songwriter has been gaining traction in indie circles. Today, Ted released a new two song EP titled, so strange…onlytearz. 

so strange…onytearz offers a dichotomy of emotion. “so strange…” plays off the feelings of a warm and gentle spring day, while “onlytearz” delves deep into the pits of despair and paranoia. With tender strings and soft synth, “so strange…” features a medley of talented musicians: Zoe Reynolds of Kississippi on bass, Al Menne of Pickleboy/Great Grandpa on synth, Kevin Patrick of Field Medic on banjo, and Noah McKeown is on shaker. “onlytearz” responds nihilistically to “so strange…”. From “it’s so strange just to live a simple life” to “these echoes of violence circle me now, like vultures in silence swoop to the ground…only tears falling now” the EP offers a spectrum of emotion that is more relatable than ever.

Ted produced two short videos to pair with the tracks, amplifying the mood of these two tiny songs.I wanted my videos to reflect that sentiment of day and night, and the feeling of the world right now… it’s glitching & malfunctioning. I recorded and wrote these songs throughout the past year not really knowing if I’d ever release them, but I felt like they were made for right now.” Ted shared about the EP. Whether you believe we are living in a simulation or not, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that we are living out a bad science fiction movie. However, music will always be there to comfort us during the weird commercial breaks.


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