Track Attack: Boreen – “Making Friends”

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Morgan O’Sullivan, who makes serene outsider pop as Boreen, must really love his friends. Last year’s majorly slept on and appropriately titled album, Friends, is as much a manifestation of solidarity as it is a snapshot of the incredibly talented DIY scene in Portland.

Similarly, the single “Making Friends”, which originally surfaced in 2016, is cordial bedroom pop for escapists rather than isolationists. The track is being digitally re-released by the kind folks over at Good Cheer Records and will be available for the first time on the streaming platform of your choosing.

Lo-fi music has a tendency to obscure emotion or make up for a songwriters limited capacity—neither is the case for Boreen. “Making Friends” is vulnerable and fervent, O’Sullivan wears his heart on his sleeve so brazenly that it might as well be a fashion statement. Harrison Smith, who you may know as the brains behind Turtlenecked, plays drums on a number of Boreen’s recordings including this one; it’s fitting that a track called “Making Friends” would be, well, made with friends. Take a listen below.


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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