Track Attack: Blushh’s ‘What About My Plants?’ Is Pissed-Off Power-Pop

Posted: by The Editor

“What About My Plants?,” the standout cut from Blushh’s new EP Thx 4 Asking, captures the precise moment when the camel comes crashing down. That emotional headspace when a single straw, or in this case thoughtless question, can wreck a person and send them on an uncontrollable tirade.

“I’m not fine my plants are dead / thanks for asking for a show instead / you don’t care how I feel / don’t you see I’m crying? / you don’t care about my friends / don’t you see they’re dying,” songwriter Shab Ferdowsi sings distressingly. The song’s scratchy production, overblown riffs, and basement-like intimacy make its sparingly worded narrative feel incredibly visceral. As if you, the listener, is caught awkwardly in the corner of the room while Ferdowski goes the fuck off on some oblivious, negligent dick.

“Please don’t act like you do / give a shit, I see through you,” goes its titanic chorus, which grows fiercer when it returns after a smoldering guitar solo.

It’s unclear exactly who the faceless antagonist is, but the track has somewhat of a spiritual companionship with gobbinjr’s “fake bitch,” another biting diatribe toward the institution of male entitlement and insincerity. Though, whereas gobbinjr’s righteous call-outs are translated through deceptively sweet-sounding pop songs, Blushh’s garage-rock anthems are innately characteristic of their raw lyrics.

Thx 4 Asking is a 12-minute riot that’s worth hearing in full. Check it below:

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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