Tour Announcement: Dikembe are hitting the road

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Dikembe are without a doubt one of our favorite bands over here at The Alternative. They are the godfathers of the Florida emo revival (further bolstered by the band’s addition of Andy Anaya from You Blew It!) and a classic FEST performer, but that hasn’t been the end of their trailblazing. The band have also formed their own label Death Protector Collective, and they’ve continued to experiment and grow with each new release.

Running their own label has also given them the capability to pull off some awesome endeavors. They just released a picture disc repress of their legendary EP Chicago Bowls, (you better believe it features stoned Michael Jordan on wax)

Better yet, now they are gearing up for some awesome tour dates this Spring and Summer. Starting with a few dates with the legendary Hot Water Music! And that’s not all, Dikembe are also playing dates with Dowsing, Pictures of Vernon, d’arcy, and Slingshot Dakota this summer! Dikembe can always be gauenteed to put on a beautiful and emotional performance and these other bands are no slouches. Seriously, all of these dates are stacked. If you get a chance to get out to any of these shows, I highly recommend it.


Henderson // @HendoSlice

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