Video Interview: Threatening Music Notation

Posted: by The Editor

The anonymous, 200K-followers-and-counting Twitter account Threatening Music Notation has seen it all. Physically impossible guitar fingerings that would, in practice, dislocate your thumb and/or pinkie; the mandate to quickly get up from your piano bench, turn around, sit on the piano keys and then sit back down without losing the tempo; a “really gay harp solo”: all are instructions found on actual sheet music for real musical compositions, and all have been submitted to Threatening Music Notation for display, debate and commiseration from a growing community of musicians and music admirers.

On a new episode of The Alternative’s music talk show Get Involved, I spoke to the person behind Threatening Music Notation—they’re anonymous, meaning the usual Zoom video square of the show is replaced by a fetching sound wave graphic—about what goes into running a thriving social media presence for such a unique and specific topic, and what exactly gives music notation a threatening vibe in the first place.

You can find Threatening Music Notation’s account here. Maybe you have a wild bit of sheet music to submit yourself?

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Molly Mary O’Brien | @missmollymary

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