The Smallternative: 10 Small Reviews for May

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Small Albums is our friendly neighborhood “Ant on Helium writing Music Reviews.” Look all we know is, they have great taste and write fun insightful reviews in a single line. So of course we brought them in to do a column on our site called The Smallternative where they can do what they do best, recommend music.

Below are 10 new reviews of some incredible recent releases in Small Album’s minimalist style. Enjoy.

John Andrews and the Yawns – Cookbook

Driving a pickup truck made of bubbles across a landscape of warm blankets with hills and no valleys.

Whiner – Peace Out Cruel World

The friction of socks with holes on gray carpet inside of a long restaurant pepper grinder.

Milly – Wish Goes On

The yellowed front porch light keeps the bricks and the milk box company through the night.


An island carried by birds from a candy moon through the doorway to a future where everyone relives the best parts of the recent past.

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victim

A mirror with a hole in the middle where bursts of volcanic wind move through and shift objects in the room.

Good Sleepy – everysinglelittlebit

A garden spider dives into a rectangle shaped web in a pan that’s still hot from the polished silver stovetop.


Pour 10 boxes of puzzle pieces into the sea and watch as they form into a giant creature no one knew still existed.

Coffee Time – O’ Three Eleven

The eyes of the day are slowly blinking as the purple of the evening moves in.

Saltlick – Here At The Start

A small sculpture of a shaky hand at the bottom of a half full aquarium.

PACKS – Take The Cake

Someone scribbled a note on the sole of the shoe, but they were left in a light overnight rain and the words ran into the concrete.

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