The Smallternative: 10 Small Reviews for September 2021

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Small Albums is our friendly neighborhood “Ant on Helium writing Music Reviews.” Look all we know is, they have great taste and write fun insightful reviews in a single line. So of course we brought them in to do a column on our site called The Smallternative where they can do what they do best, recommend music.

Below are 10 new reviews of some incredible recent releases in Small Album’s minimalist style. Enjoy.

Steve Hartlett – Waste of Water

Wake up 35 minutes before your alarm. Tired in your eyes.
You feel the way it is when the temperature outside isn’t hot or cold.
You arent even sure if you are inside or outside, I guess.

Future Crib – Full Time Smile

Gray and yellow confetti spilling out of the mouth of a grotto with nervous eyes.

Homeshake – Under The Weather

Leave the pinkish helium balloons after the party ends until they start sinking right above the ground.

Daniel Romano – Cobra Poems

A torn patch of material from where the orange and black meet in the sunset.

Whelpwisher – Eerie Dearie

There’s a dried out well in the center of the dusty plain.
There’s a self-conscious bird, watching the rope that used to hold the bucket, swaying in the warm eastern wind.

nueen – Circular Sequence

Condensation on the rock wall, like graffiti from the hand of a palm frond.

Yosuke Watanabe – My Invisible Tree

Across miles and miles of paper sheets, hills and valleys spread like airy frosting.

Alaskan Tapes – All We Can’t See/An Image

Swirl the single ice cube in the copper cup and watch it as you relive the memory of when the tent collapsed and everyone was laughing even as the rain soaked through all you had brought.

chordandjocks – BLOOM

Thin, 3-D printed walls that are used to build a model of a grocery store that only sells food in two colors, navy blue and cream.

Runningonair – 4 Track Tapes 85-86

The gray scotch tape levitates above the panel of lime green blinking buttons.
Like origami it forms into an oil black eagle and soars like an upside down pyramid.


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