Horror Recommendation: The Host (2006)

Posted: by Henderson

The Host (2006) Directed by Joon-ho Bong

In One Sentence: A giant mutant squid creature terrorizes Japan and it’s up to a slacker to save the day.

Why You Should Watch: This is a great Korean creature feature. After an asshole American doctor (Americans are dicks throughout the film) pours tons of chemicals into the river a giant mutant squid creature arises. It’s up to a slacker whose daughter was taken and his family to stop the beast.

Yeah this film has subtitles but they aren’t so bad. It just means you have to pay attention, and that won’t be hard to do. There’s a freaking squid eating people. Amongst the action there are some comedic bits that are relatable and true to life. For instance people slip and trip throughout the film which makes for a nice touch of physical comedy.

The effects are pretty cool. They use a lot of CGI for the creature but it’s well done and the effects hold up even to this day. The acting and writing are also solid and they do a really good job showing what kinda madness it would be if a monster just hopped out of the water in a city.

Favorite Line: “My friend’s niece’s brother in law is a cop, maybe we should call him?”