The Alternative Weekly Roundup (2/11/19)

Posted: by The Editor

The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.

Gordan — the sun we let burn out 

It’s winter and I’d like to listen to some melodic, dirgelike emo music, damn it. Thankfully, Gordan’s got me covered with their the sun we let burn out EP, released three weeks ago. Sonically (and even lyrically) it’s not too far-removed from the alt rock stylings of the newest Mineral EP, but it’s perfect for those cold and dreary days you just want to spend in bed.

Zac Djamoos | @greatwhitebison

lovelettertypewriter — houses built, homes destroyed

If you were to distill The Appleseed Cast’s entire discography into one, 25-minute double-A-side single, it would be lovelettertypewriter’s comeback release, houses built, homes destroyed. The two songs shift from achingly slow post-rock to explosive emo at the drop of a dime, and they kill it no matter which mode they’re in.

Zac Djamoos | @greatwhitebison

Free Throw — “The Corner’s Dilemma”

If you’ve ever felt hopeless, Free Throw’s latest single might resonate with you. “The Corner’s Dilemma” takes listeners through the despair of believing you haven’t accomplished much, with brash vocals and guitar riffs to match that energy.

Bineet Kaur | @hellobineet

Astronoid — Astronoid

Astronoid’s celestial melodies and musical wizadry conjure the feeling of weightlessly gliding through the air. The blackgaze band’s self-titled sophomore album is delightfully titillating.    

Tyler Holland | @InTyler_WeTrust

Eerie Wanda — Pet Town


I’ve been sincerely enjoying the latest release from Eerie Wanda, Pet Town. Released on January 25, this album provides a sense of comfort and warmth, especially for the winter blues. With dreamy vocals and minimalistic instrumentation, this album is perfect for taking a breather from this crazy world.

Steven Lalonde | @StevenLalonde

Spielbergs — This Is Not The End

Another album that I’ve been jamming to quite a bit has been the Spielbergs’ This Is Not The End. The Norweigan trio will get your pulse going 100mph with their blend of angsty power pop, punk, and post-rock. It’s the best rock album I’ve heard in this young year. 

Steven Lalonde | @StevenLalonde

Charly Bliss — “Capacity”

On their new single, “Capacity,” Charly Bliss lean into their pop sensibilities to create a catchy, synth-heavy track that still contains the vocal hooks and honest writing they’re known for. With lyrics that touch on a variety of things like helping others to distract from the help you need yourself, and the emotional push and pull of overworking yourself, the band makes difficult feelings easy to talk about.

Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

Rosie Tucker — “Habit”

“Habit,” the second single from Rosie Tucker’s upcoming album Never Not Never Not Never Not, is a perfect indie-rock song. It’s intricate and groove-driven; poetic and vivid; but also hooky and exciting. Think Soccer Mommy or Palehound meets Slothrust, kind of. Just listen.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

Stella Donnelly — “Old Man”

On “Old Man,” singer/songwriter Stella Donnelly isn’t here for men abusing their power. She’s here for calling them out in simple melody and witty lyricism. All while capturing those mellow vibes with a wonderfully composed 90’s-themed music video.

Kayla Carmicheal | @kaylacarmicheal

Courier Club — “Kangaroo Court”

Even with just two songs to their name, Courier Club was still one of my favorite discoveries of last year. Their newest single, “Kangaroo Court,” is yet another fun and danceable post-punk romp.

Zac Djamoos | @greatwhitebison

Mat Kerekes — “Diamonds”

Mat Kerekes’ “Diamonds,” off his upcoming album Ruby, leans in an almost theatrical, Queen-like direction. By using massive harmonies, piano, and pop melodies, it’s apparent the Citizen frontman is expanding his musical palette more than ever. 

Ryan Bartlett | @ryanbartlett12

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